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Muhammad Ridzuan bin Md Ali’s (“Ridzuan”) petition to the President for clemency has been rejected and he is scheduled to be executed this Friday.

Ridzuan was convicted with one Abdul Haleem for jointly trafficking in heroin. Both Ridzuan and Abdul Haleem were found to be mere couriers under section 33B of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Despite the finding by the Court that Ridzuan was a mere courier, the Public Prosecutor refused to give Ridzuan a certificate of substantial assistance. The Public Prosecutor however gave his joint trafficker, Abdul Haleem a certificate of substantial assistance. Ridzuan was therefore sentenced to death, while Abdul Haleem was given a certificate of substantial assistance and sentence to life imprisonment.

The result was that two mere couriers, who participated in the same criminal enterprise received very different sentences as a result of the Public Prosecutor’s determination that Abdul Haleem had provided substantial assistance, while Ridzuan had not.

Ridzuan was only 25 years of age at the time of the offence. He is now 32 years old.

Is there no chance of rehabilitation for a young Singaporean offender who was only 25 years of age and even then only a mere courier? Should 2 offenders who committed the same offence be given very different sentences based solely on the Public Prosecutor’s determination?

It is important that you share this post with your friends and express your views be it whether you agree or disagree that this young man be put to death my the State, in all our names.

Eugene Thuraisingam

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