A reader shared a story of how the National Environment Agency refused to allow his family to rent out their hawker stall at a NEA controlled hawker center despite their various appeals to do so.

According to the reader, the family has fallen on hard times financially and needed the income from their day jobs and hawker stall to take care of their 2 children and 1 elderly parent. However, despite their best efforts to seek leniency from the NEA, their stall has been confiscated and let out to another bidder.

The family feels aggrieved that the NEA would rather earn money from another hawker rather than allow their family to solve their financial and family issues.

The reader wrote: “How can they be so cold-hearted and sympathetic. Being a Singaporean citizen, having 2 kids and 1 elderly to take care of. We all know that 1 person having to work to have a stable income isn’t enough to survive for the family.

Once our stall is given up to NEA, it is either they tendered out or rented out at market rent so that they will make BIG money. This is the way that they are treating us? Is it even fair to us? We pay rental fee to NEA and they confiscated because of us not attending the stall?

We feel deeply saddened as a Singaporean.”

To add insult to injury, the reader’s family discovered that most stallholders at hawker centers practice subletting of their stalls to other tenants.

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