Just a day after being released from prison for stalking his ex-boyfriend, Tan Boon Wah showed up at his ex’s doorstep, rang the doorbell and loitered outside his ex’s home in order to make contact again. For this, he was arrested by the police again and subsequently jailed 9 months for unlawfully stalking the victim on at least 2 occasions from October to December 2016 following his release from prison on 1st October 2016.

Tan had harassed his ex-boyfriend, a 22 year-old national serviceman at the time, everyday from May 2015 to May 2016 when he was put in jail. Everyday at 6AM, Tan would loiter outside his victim’s flat, wait for him to leave his house at 7.30AM and try to make conversation with him. The victim’s father was forced to walk the victim out of his home every morning to fend off his son’s stalker. Tan would repeat the routine at about 5PM everyday, waiting for the victim to return from his army camp at Jurong to confront him again, remaining outside the victim’s home until about 11PM or until the lights were turned off for the night.

When not physically stalking the victim. Tan sent emails or would call the victim incessantly. On one day, the victim received 1408 calls from Tan. Attempts to change the victim’s phone numbers were useless as Tan would call Singtel to ask for the victim’s phone numbers by providing NRIC and and other personal particulars.

In an email to the victim on 18 August 2015, Tan said: “I’m sure u’ll be tired out by this soon. But I won’t ever give up trying to find u … not in this life. Not even if I get thrown into jail. I’d rather be dead … than to give up trying to look for u or trying to be friends with u. (You’re) gonna be stuck with dealing with me for life.”

In another email on 29 February 2016, Tan sent the victim 2 nude photographs of the victim and warned him to reply to his emails or else the photos would be disseminated.

When sent to the Institute of Mental Health, Tan was found to be of sound mind and fit to plead.

In a warning to the courts, Tan’s psychiatrist wrote in his report: “It is manifestly apparent that (Tan’s) recurrent attempts to contact and communicate with the alleged victim, as well as his self-declared admission that he would seek out the other party (immediately upon his release) … should necessarily be regarded in a somewhat ominous light, as the possibility of future harm to the other party cannot be safely excluded.”

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