An unemployed man, who attempted to steal from a private landed property, got more than he bargained for when he was found by 2 foreign domestic workers tending the house.

After slipping into the house and pocketing foreign currency, designer watches and handbags from the property, he was discovered by one of the domestic workers, a 30 year-old Indonesian maid, while attempting to escape. Her screams alerted the wife of the property owner to call the police, while the other 33 year-old domestic worker, also from Indonesia, gave chase with a brick in hand.

While giving chase, she sought the help of a male neighbor who also began pursuit of the burglar.

Unable to shake his pursuers from his trail, the burglar attempted to throw them off by throwing some of the money and loot at them. When this failed to distract them, he took out a pair of scissors to threaten them and even resorting to throwing punches at the woman.

The maid and the passerby stopped their pursuit of the burglar after he had thrown all the things he had stolen from the house at them while escaping.

The chaotic scene was captured by witnesses on 27 October last year.

The burglar was arrested and charged in court. He was sentenced to 17 months jail.

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