I am a single mum of a dropout kid who has to work alongside me as HDB refuses to grant our 3 room flat at Greenview if we’re unable to meet their changing demands. I’m already working 2 jobs with high blood pressure and only having 3 hours of sleep daily just to ensure I have a roof over my head. My ex-husband is also bankrupted. How are our children also going to properly concentrate on their crucial years if they have to focus on so many subjects in addition to having the burden of providing for the family which is traditionally the duty of responsible parents?

Whatever happened to our forefathers mission of building a just and compassionate society? We can afford to raise Ministers salaries in an instance, lose billions in flawed investments yet to give just $50 to the needy, ‘prudence’ is often cited as justification against it. What is also more troubling is that MPs on both divides are increasingly unable to extract accountability from the Ministries which has become increasingly defiant after obtaining a large share of the votes at the last GE. I’m still waiting for the Macperson MP liaison with HDB on my housing matter.

I hope this is not the ideal society citizens want when they cast their votes elections after elections in favour of the PAP, one where Materialism is pursued and Elitism, worshipped! In a poor country, wealth is to be despised but in a developed one, poverty is to be eradicated!

JP Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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