Please do something about the lifts at tampines street 41 blk 425…. it has been countless of times that lift A have broken down, causing much inconvenience to residences who are physically disabled and requires the use of the lift. We have been told by the management that the lift has been upgraded every time it’s broken down BUT it doesn’t seemed to have worked in any way.

What kind of upgrading do the technicians do or the repair works that are done?!?! I am sure town counsil ems would have received MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY calls and complained abt lift A (CHECK THE NUMBER OF CALL RECORDS). The word ‘sorry’ from the call centre is not very useful as it won’t help in resolving the situation of the lift.

So I hope that Mr Baey can help to think of solutions or come up with something like installing back previous lift to aid in the convenience of residences.

Look at how much effort is required to carry an elderly in a wheelchair? Do you think residences have superpower to do this all the time?

A.S.S. Contributor

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