I have an issue with starhub’s SmartSupport. I just signed a new contract extension with starhub thinking oh “finally improved better service level.” But I was very very wrong.

The sales personnel attended to me tell me to sign up the smart support and all in case i lose my phone or what not and its to protect me. Did not explain much about it, but only mainly to replace my phone when lost or damaged. Thats all.

And so fortunate I am, my brand new phone has to be left with the box on the MRT this morning.

Immediately i called smart support thinking i might get helped after all.

The customer service say no i am not allowed to get a replacement. Not after she said please do not worry, you will get a replacement at a cost of $500 dollars. Within 2 mins, Oh my systems say it can’t be done as i have no activated my smart Supprt. I have already received the SMS from STARHUB itself saying ‘Thank you for subscribing to SmartSupport Basic It allows you to replace or swap your device up to 2 times a year (service fee applies)’

Isn’t this a form of acknowledge and how can STARHUB not honor it? Is SmartSupport a way to make that extra $10 a month or to give consumers a sense of false security?

Your aim is to “As Singapore’s first fully integrated info-communications company, our aim has been, is, and will always be focused on providing every person, every home and every business in Singapore with world-class information, communication and entertainment services.”

Is this the world class standard? Do you know how much frustration I am feeling while your customer service say we reserve our right to terminate your SMartSupport. I told you yes you do but have you terminated it? If you have not, you have to honour it.

I am very disappointed. Starhub used to go that extra mile thats why i switch from singtel. But soon, you are looking like singtel, behaving like singtel, maybe soon, the same way to make maximum profits out of consummer. I expect a call from someone who can make a sound decision.

Hong Zave
A.S.S. Contributor

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