Dear ASS Editors,

Can parents please stop pampering their boys whom are serving their NS? Let them be independent! Why must parents every Friday night go drive and park around White Sands area causing massive jams there just to pick their own son? Are these boys paralysed? Or need to be spoon fed? Continue being like this our boys will go nowhere!

I hope MINDEF takes actions against this too, every Friday evening we have to either call in enforcement wardens to be there or to just get stuck for at least 15 minutes to get out of that place! There got no MRT and bus for them to take is it? No taxi or uber and grab for them is it?

Editors, please share this, I want these parents and army boys to know what kind of confusion and delays they have caused, there are enjoying their conveniences at the expense of other innocent motorists! Even I drive and have my son in the army I also never go and pick my son. So these army boys are what? VIPs?

A.S.S. Contributor

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