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My family and I was at ‘Ban Heng’ @ The Cathay on 14/5/17 6pm celebrating Mother’s Day. After we settled down on our tables, we decided to place our orders with one of the staff (A). We told them that we would want our soup to be served later and surprisingly she gave us a intense reaction which is totally unnecessary. At around 10 minutes later, the soup was served to us by another staff but we told her nicely that we told the other staff (A) that soup to served later. Than, staff (A) saw and she came over to our table speaking in Cantonese “aiya, other customer always order together with soup, why they want to get it served later?”. She than left our table with a sarcastic look.

After our 5th or 6th dishes, there is one commotion coming from the other table. It was a family of around 5-6 with an old granny who had difficulty walking (serious hunchback). The lady was asking the staff that why the staffs in Ban Heng is not clearing their used plate or neither serving them new plates. She added on “Why must i have to pay for service charge than?”. So, she insisted that she would like to see the manager. However, the manager was still walking around in the restaurant acting like nothing had happened. Than, when the manager and staff were beside our table, we heard the manager saying in Cantonese “don’t want to eat ask them to get lost”. It was really shocking that someone as a manager would actually treat customer this way and what kept us in awe was that she actually said this in front of her other customers. Finally, the manager decided to slowly walk over to their table with an ipad on her hand. The manager than asked the lady “So, what happen and how?”

The lady customer was explaining to her what happened just now and the manager did not even make any eye contact with the lady customer and her eyes were glued to the ipad all the time which i find it very rude. After around 2-3 minutes of talking, the manager than walked away with a “Get lost” hand gesture and told them “byebye”.

After a few minutes, the family stood up and made their way out of the restaurant. While walking out, 2 of their family members raised their voice in the restaurant stating that “This is not how the way you treat customers in F&B”, “We will definitely post it in Social Media Ban Heng”, “Look at how they treat their own customers”, “What type of service is this?”, “Look at your internet Ban Heng!”. The last 2 sentences was recorded in the video. Upon that, the manager was actually smiling and shaking her head which i find it super insulting. I really pitied the old granny as everything was being spoiled by this dumb manager on Mother’s Day.

Ban Heng really has a serious attitude problem and a really lousy service. Yes, sometimes customers may be demanding, but as a manager, she should solve the problem but not creating more problems by complicating the matter further by chasing customers out from their restaurant and moreover, there is a old granny happily waiting to celebrating Mother’s Day with her beloved family. A good role model must be set to all the staffs in the restaurant. I will never patronise Ban Heng ever again given with the attitude she had set.


A.S.S. Contributor

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