Dear Editors

I refer to the article “Mothers are the pillars of our families, says PM Lee in Mother’s Day Facebook post” (Straits Times, May 14). It states that “”Mothers are the pillars of our families, with one of the toughest jobs of all. Nowadays they raise children, build careers, care for elderly parents, or even become the sole parent in a family.

While their roles and responsibilities have evolved, mothers’ unconditional love and support remain strong and steadfast. “Let’s celebrate our mothers’ contributions as leaders, caregivers, providers, and role models. Take time today, and everyday, to show your mum how much she means to you”. Other ministers such as Ong Ye Kung, Josephine Teo and Lawrence Wong also posted Mother’s Day greetings on their Facebook pages.”

In this connection, I would like to suggest that the following policies be reviewed:-

… Do not increase the HDB rental (1 and 2-room) of mothers with school children when their household income exceeds $800 a month (currently the rental from $26 – $165 will be increased to $90 – $275)

… Increase the HDB rental eligibility monthly household income ceiling of $1,500 for mothers with school children (many mothers with children who earn just over $1,500 cannot afford to rent in the open market)

… Allow mothers with school children who lose their HDB flats due to divorce or foreclosure by the mortgagee – to rent HDB 1 and 2-room flats, without having to sit out the 30 months debarment period

… Waive the permanent debarment for mothers with school children (in financial difficulties) who have ever owned/ have an estate or interest in/ have disposed of
– Local or overseas private property (house, building, or land), residential or otherwise
– Executive Condominium
– Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) flat

Leong Sze Hian

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