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NTUC Fairprice have said that the video which purportedly show a grass jelly or chin chow product that is made of plastic is false. In the viral video, a man, introducing himself as Vincent Ng, had said that the Tan Soon Mui grass jelly he bought from FairPrice was “made of plastic”.

The 1min 38sec video shows what appears to be dry, flaky grass jelly, instead of the usual smooth dark product. A spokesman for the NTUC Fairprice has stated that they had clarified with the local manufacturer, and found that the claim is false. Checks done by the manufacturer does not reveal any of the same product having had the same issue as the the one int he viral video. The spokesman also said that the manufacturer has made a police report. Fairprice has also tried to reach out to the man in the video to provide clarifications and to aid in investigation,s but thus far, it has failed to establish contact.

The AVA is also aware of the case and they are also currently investigating. They advised the public to refrain from speculating or sharing unverified claims as they may cause unnecessary alarm.

Linda Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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