My nightmare, it all started on the 9th Oct, I woke up, went to the toilet as usual, upon coming out, a severe pain just strike my stomach, the pain was really bad, so bad that I was basically struggling to walk.

I then told my wife that I need to go hospital, I wasn’t in the condition to drive my uber so my wife semi carried me to book a uber and send me to the nearest hospital which is Singapore General Hospital.

Upon reaching, I was in very bad shape, besides the severe pain in my stomach, I couldn’t breath as well, it felt like my lungs are being restricted to take in deep breath, I was immediately transferred to ICU and the doctors informed me that I would requires immediate sedation so that they could insert a Breathing Tube into my throat.

When I woke up from the sedation, I couldn’t talk due to the breathing tube, I also had two pipe going through my nose, after which the doctor explained to me that one pipe is a suction pipe to drain out dirty water in my stomach, another pipe is to feed milk into my body because I cannot take any food, I also had needle in my hand and pain killer (those type that you press the button whenever you feel pain)

My wife and my mother came and they were tearing badly upon seeing me in that condition, they waited until the doctor came and explained my condition to me, I have a extremely high triglycerides level (which he had never seen such high numbers before) in my blood which caused a blockage and therefore caused my pancreas to have a severe inflammation (Severe Acute Pancreatitis) .

So with the pancreas inflammation, it is unable to produce insulin to the body, which means I will have diabetic, and because of the swollen pancreas, it actually expanded to my lungs area and that explains why I couldn’t breath and need the machine breathing tube so that I could breath.

The doctor also told us, the norn in this kind of cases, they will just be monitoring my condition, the bloated-ness of my stomach and will not consider operation unless things turns worse.

I was warded at ICU for 2 weeks and shifted to ICA, then, one bad news hit me, my kidney has lost it’s function and stopped working, I had to be on dialysis.The renal doctor mentioned, your kidney might wakes up, it might not. I was really worried and scared. I am only 37.

One night, my stomach suddenly became very bloated, and the pain got worse, it went all the way to my back, the doctor says my pancreas is too swollen and requires operation immediately.

My wife straight rush down from home and doctor told her there’s a risk of 40% of fatality in this operation as my organs are very weak and told her to be mentally prepared. I said to my wife no worry, I will be strong. And I was pushed in.

When I woke up again. I was in ICU again, but this time round, I have two chest tube inserted into my chest, two pipe inserted into my stomach. Doctor told me that I actually stopped breathing during the operation and it was only after multiple CPR that managed to bring me back.

I was warded at ICU for another 2 weeks and was shifted to isolated ward because they found some sort of bacteria in my stool. Being warded in a isolated ward sucks because no visitors are not allow except for next of kin.

I was in the hospital for 5 months, the last month was really torturing, I got so depressed and would just cry myself to sleep every night, despite taking sleeping pills, I still couldn’t sleep, I would stare in space and keep tearing and asking why me, physiatrist then visited me and prescribed me some mood relive medications.

Finally, the doctor took off my feeding pipe and got me taking solid food again but due to the reduced stomach size, I could only take in a small amount quantity of food, just can’t take anything more than a cup.

On 18th March, the doctor finally allows me to be discharge, and off me for the insulin injections and also off dialysis for the meanwhile.

I was so happy that I can finally gets to go home.

But things didn’t turn out the way I expected, I couldn’t walk due to being bed bound for 5 months, my body’s condition relatively weak and vomiting become the norm the first thing in the morning.

My wife couldn’t work as she have to take care of my daily activity and setting my meals, not to mentioned my weekly medical appointment for different specialist etc pancreas/diabetics/renal/inflammation. My 2 years 7 month old baby boy is currently being taken care by my mother in law.

We have applied grants from varies gov social help and they all have been helping me and family in some funds, rental waiver, ntuc vouchers which me and my family are very grateful too.

Grants from the SSO (6 Months)

• $650 Cash

• Rental Waiver

• Pub Rebate $20

• Pay-U $40 Cash

• S&CC Rebate

Grants from the Church (3 Months)

• $350 Cash

Grants from CC (3 Months)

• $150 Cash

Grant from Hospital ( 1 Year)

• Waiver of Hospital bills

• 100% Waiver of Medical Appointment

• 100% Waiver of Medications.

Grant from CDAC (3 Months)

• $100 Ntuc Voucher

• $100 Cash

Grant from Family Service Centre

• Helping our child to enrol in a childcare centre

However, it will be a long time before I can be able to regain my walking strength, be able to walk and work normally. At the moment, we are trying to spend as little as possible but reality is, everything need money.

I can see that my wife haven’t been coping well being the full time care taker of me and there are times whereby she will just lost it and cry uncontrollably and there’s nothing I can do to help her. Hence the crowd funding, I hope to raise a amount of funds, so that I can ensure her that we will have enough cash to tide over this period of time. Hope it will reduce her stress.

The most latest bad news, which came from the renal doctor, told me that even though my kidney does not requires immediately dialysis but based on the blood test status, it will be a matter of time that my kidney give way and will need dialysis by then.

Despite being discharged for 6 weeks, I am still unable to eat enough to build up my body. I was warded at 98kg and discharged at 42kg, my dietitian has informed me that I am being malnutrition and need to gain weight. But at the moment, I am just trying to hang on and trying to be as positive as possible.

If any kind soul willing to assist me and my family, my account number is OCBC 5017339267.

Or if you would prefer to donate to my child CDA account, it’s OCBC 5241046563

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