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Yesterday our newly promoted PAP minister Josephine Teo wrote on her Facebook regarding the high milk powder issue, “For my own journey, I concluded that milk is milk, however fancy the marketing. As long as AVA approves its import, the milk is good enough. I had no reason to pay more and would buy whatever was cheapest or on sale.”

Again, this shows that PAP is seriously out of touch. How did she make it to minister? She is missing the point. The problem here is why are milk powders sold in Singapore are so much more expensive than other countries when it is the same brand same thing. It’s not buying cheap vs expensive formulas. Even our cheapest formulas are also much more expensive than other countries in the region.

The responsibility of the government is not trying to psycho citizens to consume cheaper milk powder. The government responsibility is to prevent companies from making too much profit from basic necessities such as milk powder! Has the PAP achieved that? Now already so expensive, we have been suffering so long, until now then you come and say something? I think you have failed Singaporeans.

Minister Teo is also out of touch when she say just buy the cheapest milk powder. Does she know that so many parents go thru so many brands of milk powder just to find the right one for their child? Some kids are just more sensitive and they shit non stop or vomit if given the wrong formula, so when parents find the right brand, even if expensive, they would just endure and buy. Other kids have existing medical conditions and no choice can’t switch brands.

And while Singaporean parents are struggling with high milk powder prices, they let the milk powder companies sponsor hospitals for their course fees and materials for staff, and hospital dinner and dance functions, so that their formula can stay longer on the hospital list. Is the Ministry of Health doing their job? How can they let this happen? All these sponsorship money would only later be passed onto consumers!

Lastly, Minister Teo said breast milk is the best and “Expect more public education and a bigger push for breastfeeding.” Does she even know that breastfeeding is already a main contributing factor to many new mothers who are feeling depressed? Societal and peer pressure on new mothers to produce milk for their babies has never been more intense. It is very pressurizing for mothers who don’t produce enough milk for their newborns. I think your public education will just be another guilt trip.

So please think, or find out, before shooting off on FB. I just find Minister Teo’s post on milk powder very insulting!!

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