Dear ASS Editors,

I am seriously dismayed by the fact that many people are making use of popular artise’s concerts to resell tickets at exorbitant high price.

Why is this so is because there is no buyer’s name and identification on the tickets unlike plane tickets where it is strictly non transferable. I suggest that organizers should request for individual ID when purchasing of concert tickets and have them printed on the tickets, this will only make the tickets valid when the ticket holder produces the same ID as printed.

Subsequently, organizers can also look into taking authority for ticket transfer or resale, given the example that ticket holder A has got last minute commitment that he can’t go for the concert, he can sell back the ticket to the ticket agent and the ticket agent will resell and if A wants to transfer the tickets to B, A will have to transfer the ownership through the ticket agents online whereby the ticket agent will do the necessary amendment.

This will give others in the waiting list a fair chance for them to get the tickets. If they do not do this quick, more crimes will be happening as many will use this to scam people. Imagine if the covert will be cancelled at the very last minute moment, how are those who bought their tickets by any random sellers online going to get their refund?

A.S.S. Contributor

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