Dear A.S.S. Editor

All these spotlight and news falling upon the high prices of infant milk powder, we are actually missing one very important component, that of the role the private hospital plays. The inquiry has stated that the manufacturers of the infant milk powder are aggressively marketing their products, thus the high cost passed on to the consumers.

Who are the middle men of these aggressive marketing? Why, the private hospitals, of course! The manufacturers sponsored the hospitals in order for them to carry their products. This is in line with the perception that what the hospital recommends for the baby is what parents will buy and stick to. Thus, by pushing their products on to the hospitals, the manufacturers can ensure a steady stream of parents buying the milk powder, because, after all, what the hospitals recommend are always good for the baby.

Private hospitals must also do their public duty, and that is not to particularly push one milk powder over another, just because there is financial gains at the end of the day for the hospitals.

Jolie Wee

A.S.S. Contributor

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