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Read in the newspapers about one man who was so sex crazed, he even had sex with his underaged girlfriend when she was 7 months pregnant! The sex-crazed lunatic have been jailed for 18 months for sexual penetration of a minor.

The man, Muhammad Nur Shafiq Mohamed Noor is a 22 year old and got acquainted with the 15 year old girl through mutual friends. He had sex with the girl just a few days after they first met, at a staircase landing in a HDB Block, and subsequently had unprotected sex with her again the next day.

When the girl realised she had missed her period three months later, he still refused to believe she was pregnant and had sex with her again. Even after the girl confirmed her pregnancy via a pregnancy test, the stupid man still refused to believe she was pregnant.

Eventually, the girl had her pregnancy confirmed in a clinic, and the man’s mother had even asked the girl to have an abortion. She didn’t go through with the abortion, and when she was 7 months pregnant, the stupid man again had sex with her. Seems like he just could not stop himself.

Where was the girl’s parents in all of this? And how could the man’s mother asked the girl to abort. Serious questions need ot be asked. As for the man, he cannot stop thinking about sex with the underaged girl long enough to make sense of their dire situation. Maybe 18 months in jail can help him think

Rizal Noh

A.S.S. Contributor

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