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The spate of trees that fell on to the ground recently may have ended as suddenly as they started, but there was still a report today of a tree that fell. This time, the tree is reportedly about 8m high, and fell onto a wall of a house at Grove Drive on Thursday morning.

The tree fell onto the wall and metal fencing of the house of an Australian lawyer, who had been staying in the house for the past seven months. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. A resident speculated that as the tree fell in the early hours of the morning, no one was near enough to get hurt. The area where the tree had fallen is a popular drop-off point as it is near to two schools. Residents also said that the tree was probably very old.

Again, very fortunate that no one was hurt in this latest tree fall in a public space. Did the authorities checked and ensure that this old tree is able to withstand the test of time for it to be still left standing there?

Ben Seow

A.S.S. Contributor

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