Dear A.S.S. Editor

I really don’t understand how the producers of The Voice Singapore / Malaysia think it is alright to have the contest with the requirement that the contestants speak Mandarin. If this is not marginlisation of the minority races, then I don’t know the meaning of marginalisation.

The producers have said that they acquired the rights for the licence in Mandarin, because it is more commercially viable, and that the show is open to all races, so long as they are fluent in Mandarin and are able to perform Mandarin songs. Conversation between judges and contestants are also in Mandarin.

This is just ridiculous. How can a melting port of culture and races that is Singapore and Malaysia, be reduced to a competition that requires Mandarin speakers only? Commercial gains over race and culture? This is another good example why people think Singapore is part of China.

Well, good news is, the next winner of a national singing competition from Singapore will confirm not be Malay. Maybe they just want to give non-Malays a chance of winning an actual singing competition for once?

Faizal S

A.S.S. Contributor

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