Dear A.S.S. Editor

Some people really think they big fu*k. First we have the Toa Payoh couple who tackle people. Then we have chicken rice man hao-lianing his $1000 notes to cab driver. Today I finally met one of these a**holes in person. Really makes blood boil when you in person.

Today while I was eating at a restaurant in Toa Payoh (again), this uncle sitting at a table next to me keep kpkb at the food servers, complaining why they so slow and why they keep serving other people food first. As if kpkb can make the food magically be ready. The restaurant got so many people and the servers so busy even the manager was serving as well. I see you arrive also no more than 5 minutes you cannot wait ar? You king or what why must they treat you like VIP? I come in earlier than you my food also haven’t arrive.

The manager and servers later keep politely apologizing to him and he made condescending and arrogant remarks towards them. “If you cannot run a business don’t run”, “Why other people food come faster than mine”, “Food takes time to prepare so what” in Chinese. His wife and child more paiseh than the staff at the restaurant sia. Whole ordeal remaining silent. After that he angrily pick up his stuff and left his family behind. All these a**holes never learn what is basic human respect? Really buay paiseh.

3rd Party Witness

A.S.S. Contributor

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