My points of view!!Taxi/G/U drivers will never stand together as one!! 100% sure!!!

Right now the only person that can help all drivers is LTA. They should step out to stop all these rubbish promotion price war. As a small and well organised country, our transportation system is the world’s top 3 which is good enough. We can’t afford this rubbish G/U companies to create a mess for their own profits, wanting to monopolies the future markets…

LTA !!! should SET A STANDARD FARE for all the companies to follow to protect all drivers!!!… LKY has done it! He created these taxi jobs for all the pioneer citizens!!! Ah Loong has destroyed it… this is what PAP are capable of as at this moment our country is deteriorating year after year but we have NO choice the opposition are not capable either… Hahaha.. let’s not worry, just enjoy ourselves, let the next generation take care of it…

Ah Loong!! had forgotten one sentence that LKY wrote. Please take good care of the pioneer citizens, they are the generation that helped built up our country, time to come they cannot compete with the younger generation, so leave this taxi trade for them… ok.


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