Dear Editors,

Referring to the post stating that there are now twice the number of private hire cars compared to taxis, it is indeed a worrying sight! It seems like it’s getting easier and easier to own a car now as uber and grab are recruiting drivers without limits despite LTA’s new rules requiring private hire drivers to go for screening and checks and also training.

The reason is that grab and uber have been fully supporting their drivers through the application process and they are paying fully for their driver’s vocational license training course and also for the medical checkup which give drivers more confidence as there is no cost involved! I suggest that LTA look into this and ensure that grab and uber do not pay any single cent for them and make them pay themselves. Secondly, make sure that with the decal affixed, double their fines and demerit points, carpark fees, season parking and also ban them from entering Malaysia and also double the maintenance costs, tyres, road tax and tax them on fuel. This is because they use up more of our facilities available so it’s only fair that they pay more for that.

Another thing is that, make sure that cars used for private hire must be less than 5 ears old, personally owned and fully paid off, this is to ensure that those driving for uber and grab are solely using it to serve the commuters and also earn a hard living like taxi drivers, this will also deter people driving uber and grab for the sake of having a free car. There is also a need to remove all the incentives give to these private hire car drivers, since it is so popular now, there is no reason why should they be getting incentives, incentives only make the drivers choose jobs! Let them roam the streets and wait for bookings!

Lastly, put up surveillance cameras to ensure that grab and uber drivers are roaming around and not camping at public carparks for calls, they are depriving is car owners from parking lots when they park there, especially on Sundays and public holidays we have to suffer and wait for a lot because of these lazy pricks choose jobs and waiting for bookings in the public carpark. They should be roaming already closer to a potential fare to get bookings!

Now editors, please share this, I am coming up with a petition, I need to seek opinions from netizens, as much as its true that uber and grab have been good in providing alternative choices for commuters, but the numbers of these cars are way too much! If we continue like this, not only there wouldn’t be anymore taxis, but it will cause more congestion and pollution to or country! More accidents are waiting to come! LTA and the ministers, please take more actions and scrutinize uber and grab!


A.S.S. Contributor

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