Dear A.S.S. Editor

The recent uproar over the high price of the infant milk powder and the government’s decision to step up inquiries on why this is so have revealed that the the aggressive marketing of so-called ‘premium’ formulas is the reason that price is being driven on a steep upwards trajectory.

Seems like the formula milk manufacturers have engaged in aggressive marketing tactics such as sponsorship and payments to private hospitals to distribute their products, as well as build an image of premium milk to ensure consumer loyalty.

These reasons are given for milk powder prices in Singapore to be among the highest in the world. This is simply outrageous. Parents are paying more just to pay for the company’s own marketing to actually get them to buy the products! And the premium image? Nothing more than just portraying an image that the formula are better than normal formula milk, despite no scientific evidence to back up the claims.

Just a classic case of hitting the wallets of kiasu parents, who only want the best for their children. So, portray an image that they are the best, and get hospitals to endorse them too.

Michele Ang

A.S.S. Contributor

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