A Singaporean man who assaulted a female friend in Brisbane has been arrested by Australian Police after being found by television crews.

He was found sitting where he had committed the crime, less than 24 hours after he fled the room that he had booked through Airbnb. The attack happened about 9.30pm at a Norman Avenue address.

“He kept asking for an ambulance and water. He said he was cold and wanted a towel,” Nine News Brisbane reporter Rob Morrison said.

The attacker was identified after he left his passport and wallet at the scene. The police had to prevent him from leaving the country and sought to find if he had any accomplices.

The victim, aged 20 and originally from Hong Kong but now living in Australia, was in a stable condition at Princess Alexandra Hospital with “non-life threatening injuries” including a fractured skull.

It was not clear whether the woman was living at the share house the man had rented through Airbnb.

There were other residents home at the time of the attack who heard the commotion.

Police said a number of weapons were found at the house.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Rodney Watts said the pair had previously been in a relationship after meeting several months ago online and the man had only arrived in Brisbane on Sunday.

He added the victim, who was allegedly hit in the head with a hammer and stabbed multiple times in the shoulders, was “very lucky” given the ferocity of the attack.

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