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As was my opinion in countless other threads of such nature, I maintain that Ph.D in life science especially from NUS/NTU isn’t really useful despite what the government likes to say. Singapore, despite whatever, is not a research hub and probably never will be because we are small, our education system do not encourage out of the box thinking and simply because this is not a research hotbed.

Have u all ever been to the university campus of MIT/Harvard or Cambridge? Their very air sizzles with innovation. I am not joking. Have u ever been to NUS or NTU?In Singapore people do a Phd because they are worried that with just a life sci degree they can only wash test tubes, or they are attracted by the idea of a 3K salary not knowing what else to do. It’s very different from other good research universities in the world where people do PhDs REALLY because they like to know more about something. These folks spend 7-8 years doing their phd without an attractive pay B/c they really want to learn from some really smart profs in an area they are really interested in.

With this fundamental difference, do u think there can be many good researcher in Singapore?

What the stupid policies makers NEVER realise is that the way to grow researchers is not to sent the brightest overseas (and come on, it’s A levels) but to improve on the quality of the university here in Singapore. And that’s not done by flaunting some lame ranking showing NUS at top 20. We all know that’s not true. I still maintain that the quality of the chemical engineering course at NUS sucks. Big time.

A life sci degree is not a good bet in Singapore. Pls do not do it. Always always go for an engineering degree. U earn more, u can do more jobs and if u are really interested then go for a phd ( at some university elsewhere please , not Singapore). Please do not waste 4 years of your time doing a life sci degree in NUS or NTU. Period.


A.S.S. Contributor

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