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Hi guys, my HDB just MOP and turned 5 years old and I was gonna sell my house soon. And before my house gets sold I thought to myself maybe I could rent out the place for a couple of months of maybe I don’t know for as long till the place gets sold.

I found this Indian senior consultant IT guy who wants to rent it . He bargained for it and I decided to rent out 1200 for the whole unit to him and his gf (from Laos). She is here on holiday. We signed a contract for 2 months. I printed out the standard template agreement from ERA and let him sign. There was no agent involved. I did it myself.

By right on the 10th (couple of days from now) he is supposed to start his tenancy, my housing agent then told me he found a buyer for me already and also then told me actually it’s not legal to rent my place for less than 6 months in Singapore.

All these I didn’t know because it’s the first time I am renting short term for my HDB. I don’t wanna do something illegal either. I quickly told my Indian tenant I cannot rent to him anymore and was willing to return him his money immediately but he was very unhappy and wants me to compensate him at least 600 to 700 dollars (or possibly more) for inconvenience and if i don’t comply to his amount of money he will go to legal department and HDB to complain about me. He was very aggressive towards me.

Will I get into trouble? What should I do. I already initially said compensate him 300, then I increased 500 give him. He still not happy. I just hate to be threatened. No jokes or crappy advice. Can anyone give me a pointer here?


A.S.S. Contributor

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