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Just wanted to share something that literally just happened 5 mins ago. I was walking back to my block when I saw a lady usher her kid to the drain, when I walked closer, I saw that the little girl (around 5yo) was squatting down with her pants partially off.

As I walked closer to my block, I saw that the little girl was literally defecating in the drain while the 2 adult ladies were playing badminton. And I shouted at them, pointing out the fact that this is unacceptable in public. I am assuming that these 2 women are probably China nationals because of their unmistakable accent. Of course, I might be wrong on this. But I have met them numerous time around my block and hearing their accent and style makes me around 90% sure they are China nationals.

Mind you, I’m not xenophobic, I have had pleasant experiences with foreigners from all countries. When I was reprimanding them, I did not mentioned anything to do with their nationality etc. And one of the adult had the cheek to rebutt me that saying it’s just a little girl. It can’t be a matter of urgency, I mean they literally stay upstairs, probably just too lazy to bring their kid up to do her business. But this just reminds me of the fact why Singaporeans are xenophobic. And I’ve made a complaint, and would not hesitate to call the neighborhood police the next time this happens.

Actually I just lodged a complaint to town council. Probably useless, but I was thinking that if the next time I were to make a police report, at least I could refer the police to the town council official documentation that it’s not the first time. Probably still useless anyway.

Of course, I do not mean to stir any xenophobic feelings with this post, just merely trying to point out that if the government is encouraging us to be more receptive of foreigners, it should be conditional on the fact that they are decent and civilised humans.


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