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The tragedy of the school boy drowning off the waters at East Coast yesterday was only half the story. What could have even be a worse tragedy was that actually four of the boys who went in the water got into trouble, as they were carried farther out to sea by the tide than was expected.

An Australian mother, who was at the beach with her eight year old daughter, saw the boys in trouble and dived in to help rescue the boys. Ms Silvia Hajas went into the water three times to pull out three of the boys, but sadly, the fourth boy disappeared under the water before she and another man, who had brought in a float to help the third rescue boy could reach him.

Ms Hajas, a 47 year old housewife who has spent 6 years in Singapore on a dependent’s pass, happened to be a triathlete. But even said that the waters were very choppy and the waves were strong. Ms Hajas also said that she was unable to touch the ground where the boys were at, and she was 1.7m tall.

It was a tragic and unfortunate accident that led to the death of one school boy, but if not for the Australian mother who happened to be there, three other boys would surely have perished too.

Gan L M

A.S.S. Contributor

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