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The prices of infant milk powder have been in the spotlight most recently, with several MPs voicing their concern. This concern is borne out from the fact that the prices have increased at nearly twice the pace of nominal median income.

Many families have already complained and asked for help in relation to this issue. That the milk powder is a necessity, but prices have increased so dramatically, that people are forced to buy at the expensive price. Families with young children typically now have no choice but to spend more on sustaining their family. While the authorities is looking into this, the hope that prices will be lowered to previous level are not that high. After all, who would want to reduce the prices, if people are still forced to to buy, and will buy the products.

The only hope then, is for prices not to go up from the current levels now. This should have been looked at a long time ago. Now, prices are just so exorbitantly high.

Tan XL

A.S.S. Contributor

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