Dear A.S.S. Editor

The news over the weekend certainly does not bode well for Singaproe as a nation. First, we hear of news that many older workers, who are way past retirement age, are stil working. Then of course the news all month long of the rate of unemployment rising.

We are also told to prepare for life where losing a job is not too uncommon. And even feel good stories, like the one where welfare organisation Food for the Heart is giving 300,000 eggs to some 2,500 needy households also draw a red flag.

Of the 2,500 households, 800 were of elderly residents living on their own, while 1,700 has at least three members in their household. And these are needy people who cannot even afford to buy their own eggs.

Makes you wonder how much prices have risen, and how far behind the poor and needy are left behind by the high cost of living. We keep saying that Singapore is a wealthy nation, but a true show of wealth is how a nation treat it’s needy. Are we doing enough?

Jason Ho

A.S.S. Contributor

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