Dear Editor,

I accidentally transferred money to my ex worker and she was my ad hoc worker and when i called her to inform my error and requested to transfer back she said ok..no problem.. and now she blocked my number n i cant even reach her. I have now made a police report. If anyone knw her please let me knw… Her mobile no.8225 XXXX.

Do share and spread this news. This money was supposed to be transferred to another worker of mine who worked for me..please help to share and spread. A mother who is jobless n no money and i pity her n gave her job and this is what i get in return.. she is known as Wanie.

I have attached the police report.

My main purpose to bring this up to warn singaporean that either the police or the bank in not very helpful and to bring this kinda people to the surface and warn others the consequence.

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