We bought over a resale flat about a year ago but we have been constantly receiving threatening letters from loansharks looking for the previous owner. It seemed that he did not change his address and had been using it to borrow money from everywhere. One of the loansharks even threatened to burn my house if i don’t pay up 1k close-case sum, and sent me video clips of how he burnt other units.

This case has been highlighted to police twice and even to our MP as we are very worried of our safety. We have CCTV installed and frequent police patrolling but it doesn’t ease my mind knowing anything could happen to my home anytime. This is the irresposible guy, please beware of him.


Dear friends, please help to share.
This is the most irresponsible man i have ever met, the previous house owner who sold his house to us 1 year ago but STILL using our address to borrow money from credit companies and many loansharks! His name is Larry Khoo Wee Tian .

It’s not the first time i received loanshark’s letter attention to him and this time a loanshark even tried to extort 1k from me and threatened to burn my house. I have reported police twice and alerted our MP Mr Baey who has helped in this case. CCTVs has been installed and frequent police patrols will be enforced with his help, however there is still fear in us that anytime, anything could happen. Unbelievable such evil man exist. I hope Karma strikes on you Larry.


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