Dear Editors,

An extremely racist Malay Grab passenger abuses a Chinese Grab driver on her Facebook post. Irregardless of what actually happened during the trip, it gives you no right to shame someone online like this. That too, by unfairly shaming him with racist remarks.

There are proper ways to get get your feedbacks/complaints across to the relevant parties/authorities when you're unhappy with your Grab/Uber trips. What are Singaporeans up to nowadays? What's the difference between this lady and a loan-shark?

This online shaming trend has got to stop. This is someone's rice bowl. Often these stories are one-sided. By the time we get to know the other side of the story, damage has already been done. Please grow up Singapore!

Don't misuse the social media for your own selfish means to satisfy your inner self! If the lady had thought that by shaming the driver online justifies her anger, then I think by shaming such a racist here justifies my anger too! What are your views on this?


No Need Be Racist Leh

A.S.S. Contributor

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