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A gas leak from a damaged underground pipe caused about 1,305 households in 12 HDB flats at Jurong West Street 65 to go without gas. The gas disruption occurred on Friday afternoon. There was also a fire that broke out at the void deck of one of the blocks as a direct result of the gas leak. Fortunately, SCDF managed to put out the fire.

Reports indicated that some work were being carried out at the underground pipe which got damaged. All affected blocks had their gas supply back on by 9pm. SP Group indicated that the gas pipes were switched off as a precautionary measure and to isolate the leak while engineers repair the damaged pipe and restore supply.

Wonder if the disruption of about 6 hours will lead to SP Group giving a discount for gas prices for the people affected? Not their fault the pipe were damaged, but over a thousand people were still affected and inconvenienced by the disruption.

Galvin Pang

A.S.S. Contributor

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