Dear Grab,

You have made me an unwitting stalker. I have been receiving multiple Grab receipts of another customer’s trips all the way from Philippines, to my email address. Whom, from here on, I shall refer to as Mr Pink (as he is labeled pink in my screenshots).

I’ve received so many receipts that I think I have a pretty good idea where Mr Pink lives, and where he works. I also have established a pattern that he comes home pretty late after work – probably why he needs to take a Grab in the first place.

The first time I received the receipt, I emailed Grab PH’s support, because who likes their movements being observed by someone else, albeit from a different country, right?

I got ignored. Sad! But because of the universal understanding that helpdesk tickets tend to mysteriously go missing and unanswered the first time, I tried again.

Only to be ignored. Again. So this time, I called the Singapore hotline. I was redirected by a (very unconcerned) Grab support staff, to -guess what- the Grab email support.

And because I’m very Singaporean and I follow rules, I patiently sent in yet another support ticket. Only to be – guess what again? – subjected to the Mystery Of The Unanswered Ticket.

So, here we are, now, using my least favourite avenue of customer feedback – social media. Cos obviously, I don’t think my chances of using the email support system is gonna improve. Naw, many times bitten, multiple times shy.

Coincidentally, I just received a Grab support reply, in an unrelated query, about contacting my previous driver. So I can put my suspicions to rest that you have outsourced your email support to Mars.

Now, not only am I starting to feel REALLY uncomfortable of receiving Mr Pink’s trip receipts for two months straight, I’m getting pretty concerned that the same thing might be happening to me or someone else, and some responsible person is trying to reach you, and you are just simply ignoring the problem.

I think I’m speaking on Mr Pink’s behalf when I say that it’s only fair that a summary of his own rides, gets sent ONLY to himself, and not anyone else. So how Grab? Can you please put a stop this unwilling stalking?


Concerned and Feeling Ignored Customer

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