Only in Sillypore can you find men in their 20s and even teens PAYING for sex (literally bribing a girl who would otherwise be disgusted with you to pretend to want to have sex with you). And once the sad deed done, it’s not like these Sinkie men keep quiet about it and wallow in their own shame and regret. They go around bragging about how many prostitutes they slept with like it’s some kind of achievement. It’s equivalent to buying your own Olympic gold medal and carving your name on it, and then boasting about it to the world.

How scummy, low-life, and pathetic can you guys be!?

If you want to sleep around and bear the title of “Playboy,” at least do it respectably and legitimately by slaying actual real-life girls. Have the decency, discipline, willpower, and perseverence to improve your appearance, develop your social skills, and actually put yourself out there to meet girls. And these aren’t even particularly-intimidating women; these are just half-witted, flat-chested Third World Sinkie airheads.

If even they scare you, howdafak are you going to f*ck an Ang Moh with blonde hair and blue eyes?

I don’t even pay anything these days, asking 2-3 new girls over a week just to f*ck. The biggest difference is that they actually like me. Instead of forcing you to wear a condom, barring you from kissing her, and watching the clock while you hump away thinking you’re so alpha and she can’t wait to leave, these girls let me do things that even their boyfriends aren’t allowed to do.

Hey cheongsters! Wanna hear a secret? The secret is that, even if I pay for these escorts, I’ll still get wayyy better service than you. Why? Because they’re naturally attracted to me. Having sex with me would be fun. You? They don’t even respect you in the first place, knowing that you’re lucky even to be allowed to pay for sex. How do you expect them to do this with pride and joy? LOOK AT THEM, they’re traumatized after f*cking you. Jesus Christ. And some of you even have the nerve to insinuate that these escorts “enjoy” it.

How f*cking shameless and delusional can you be!?

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