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After the joke that was the FAS Presidential elections, another new saga in Singapore’s sport scene is brewing. Apparently, Singapore Athletics plans to hold an EOGM, where the current president, Ho Mun Cheong, is planning to remove several members of the national sports association’s management committee (MC) at a snap election tomorrow, may be unconstitutional.

SportsSG’s chief executive Lim Teck Yin, handed a letter to the contesting parties that the motions proposed for the EOGM, which includes the removing of the MC members are unconstitutional, as for them to be removed, they need to have been absent from three consecutive meetings without explanation, has inadequately discharged his duties, or acted against the character of SA. The opposing camp alleges that the current president had not proven that all of the 26 members of the MC had fallen foul of the guidelines, and thus, has no grounds to call for their removal.

Looks like this is another saga that is going to rumble on. This apparently looks like a power struggle at the top positions, and the sad thing is, the loser in all f this is the sports itself. So much for being an efficient nation, we could not even control the people who dares assume leadership of associations for their own agendas.

Bala G

A.S.S. Contributor

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