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A Malaysian man working in Singapore has been reported to have been sentenced to four weeks jail for trying to bribe a Traffic Police officer. The man, Sang Jia Weng who was 30, offered the traffic Police officer a $30 bribe for him not to issue a traffic summons.

Sang was caught without his helmet strap secured while riding his motorcycle, while travelling along the BKE. The construction worker tried to plead for leniency, saying that he earns only S$80 a day and had not received any salary for several days. He also offered S$30 in “coffee money” to the Traffic Police officer, in return for not issuing a traffic summons. When the TP officer turned him down, he proceeded to stuff three $10 notes into the officer’s pocket. Sang was immediately arrested.

From a relatively minor offence of not securing his helmet properly, where he would probably get a fine, this Malaysian man now have ot spend four weeks behind bars. All in all, not a good move, especially trying to bribe a TP officer.

Mark Chen

A.S.S. Contributor

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