Hi Editor,

I was browsing through a classified site and spotted the attached ad. Some guy with the username ‘moehornyguy’ collecting undergarments for school humanitarian effort?…

It reads “Hi, im collecting some used clothes from females on behalf of my school. We are doing a voluntary work to help those women in vietname as they had a unhygienic lifestyle and lacks clean clothes.

What we want:
We have too many clothes and now we are lacking of undergarments for the ladies. Would appreciate if someone is willing to donate it to help the poor Vietnamese girls

Conditions: used or brand new
If u didnt washed ur used clothes or undergarments, do not worry because all of the clothes will be deeply sterilized and washed before sending to the poor in vietnam

Hope to see a good side in human and may u be kind enough to help those in need.

I need all clothes to be in by may 25″…

With a name like moehornyguy, bad grammar and spelling mistakes, and a suspicious cause as an alibi to collect undergarments, makes you think if this is legit or some sicko trying his luck for his sick fantasies.

ASS Contributor

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