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We know that our country’s FIFA soccer ranking has been declining ever since the PAP gov installed a PAP minister to lead our soccer governing body FAS. Despite having history as our lesson, we continue to be nonchalant about it. Today, FAS is in shambles. Our local soccer is unattractive. It is nowhere near our previous high when we were a part of Malaysia Cup.

FAS spends a meagre $70k on community football but pay its key officials a staggering $1.6 million in salaries. Just how the hell did it happen?

The FAS council and committee members should be held responsible over the decline of Singapore soccer today. No one cared for its development despite records showing its decline. Everyone happily collecting hefty pay-check months after months. I don’t even wanna talk about Zainudin Nordin. He’s a wash out. I’m holding all the council and committee members responsible for the state that we are in today.

They didn’t make the right ‘noise’ or pressure the leaders to perform or risk being shipped out. Because in any pyramid, the base supports the top. The top stays top because its base is strong. In this sense, the committee is as culpable as anyone. For soccer fans, it is time to take a closer look at whats happening to our governing body more closely. Because indirectly, the fans are also responsible for the current situation.

It is not enough to just donate or attend soccer matches anymore. Fans should play an active role. We need to take back control from the elites and elect the right people wit the right mindset in and build up from scratch if ever we want Singapore soccer to succeed.

Khan Osman Sulaiman

A.S.S. Contributor

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