Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I came across this racist job advertisement in Jobstreet. This company says it wants to hire a person for a quality control position and ALL are welcome to apply.

However, there is a requirement that the person they want for the job must be bilingual in Chinese and English because the boss can only understand Chinese. That is as good as saying “No Indians and Malays allowed! Fuck off!” What kind of country are we living in? Racial harmony, my ass!

Why must local Indians and Malays be discriminated against just to suit the preferences of a Chinese person who is too dumb to learn English? Perhaps it is time for the Chinese boss to put down his chopsticks and start reading a dictionary. Do these Chinese chauvinists even know that the national anthem of Singapore is in Malay and the national language is Malay, not Chinese?

We are citizens of Singapore, not citizens of China.


A.S.S. Contributor

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