Go steal others lunch. What kind of a leader would tell his people to resort to such lowest human instinct even as a metaphor. It is poor taste at a time when many are no longer having a safe and secure job to put lunch on the family table. It is more sad when the words is from someone who never had to work for his lunch. We are in this state only because we collectively allows it to be so.

After more than 50 years of nation building, becoming the most expensive city in the world, instead of a shared prosperity, a clueless bunch of leaders emerged from a government that have systemically plundered and enriched themselves and their cronies, now telling us to conduct ourselves unethically if we have to so as to meet our just needs?

We are told that we will not get our CPF back to use our own money any way we want. As for our HDB flat paid with all our sweat and blood we are told it will worth nothing in the end. While they simply hike prices at any chance they can reaping whatever little we have to make do with increasing cost of living. And the audacity to slap and tell us to steal other people’s lunch while they take away ours?

Is this the best that we get for the millions we pay them?

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