Dear Editors,

I had recently booked a flight for two on Scoot to Boracay and all along until payment page, the price at the top of the page was shown as 374 SGD as in the screenshot. At payment page, I saw that Scoot slyly adds fees for using cards etc and shows an updated price with those fees in small letters (compared to what is shown on the top in bold). This I know they do deliberately to get a booking done confusing the customer using the big bold top of the page fare without fees.

Anyways, I knew of this sly practice by Scoot and kept my eyes open for fees. I had a voucher to redeem and used the voucher and found I could not use AXS but the only card to pay rest of the fare. When I used my card I was shown a fee of $10 per passenger and a total of 394 at the bottom. Now I go ahead to pay. But alas when I completed the payment I was shown a fee of 424 SGD!

I went back to do the same booking again was shown the same 394 SGD. I was taken aback and immediately called Scoot. After a long hold and explaining the situation, the associate told me the fee was $10 per passenger per sector. I told her that’s not what I was shown and I have taken screenshots. She said there may be a “problem with the system” but that’s how it is $10/passenger/per sector. But still, I was arguing it did not tally up to 424 SGD I was charged. As 374 SGD fare plus 40 SGD in fees is 414 SGD! She could not explain this and after I insisted took down a complaint and asked me to send the screenshots on email.

I have sent them screenshots and called them 3 times to get the same reply that they will get back to me. It has been three weeks and nobody has yet got back to me from Scoot. I left it at that but I definitely feel very cheated and treated cheaply by this airline company. Not only do they have a faulty system that the customer support themselves know is buggy, but their customer support won’t even take my complaint seriously and get back and explain, if not refund me.

Shameless Scoot! Beware of their scamming, cheating billing system!

A Disgruntled Scoot Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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