Dear Editors,

I am a local hawker that have been selling local food for 26 years. I am going to go out of business because of the increasing rental hikes by unreasonable Coffeeshop landlords like Broadway Food Holdings.

Recently, the Coffeeshop which my stall has been located in for the past decade has undergone renovation. I do not wish to name where my stall is located in but I would only say it’s somewhere in Ang Mo Kio. It took 1 week for the renovation to be completed which includes changing of tables and chairs as well as cleaning of the ceiling.

From what I understand the Coffeeshop has been fined and got demerit points for numerous times for having rat problems all over the Coffeeshop despite us tenants asking them to undergo thorough cleaning they choose to cut cost and have delayed the cleaning for many years already.

And that’s not the interesting part of the story. Shockingly, after the renovation at the end of march, Broadway food holdings management suddenly gave all tenants a letter telling them that there will be a $300 rental hike from next week onwards. I just signed a contract with them just 2 months ago on the agreed rental and cleaning fees.

Isn’t a contract suppose to protect both the tenants and the landlord? The manager known as Andy threatened to kick me out if I do not pay the rental.

There isn’t anything us old time Hawkers can do other than close down our business when our rental get too high.

Unfortunately my entire family is dependent on my food stall business and I’m really stressed and worried.

I have been selling the same food for the past few decade and I do not have any other skills.

Anyone know what can I do when landlord like broadway food holdings raises rentals even though I just signed a yearly contract with them?

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