Dear A.S.S. Editor

I believe our government isn’t doing enough to prevent or minimise the very real and urgent problem of pollution caused by old electronic wastes, ranging from CRT monitors, TVs, cell phones, personal computers etc.

These gadgets and devices contain numerous toxic substances and if improperly discarded can cause various environmental problems. I hope that the government can initiate and upkeep an island wide program for residents to safely dispose these devices safely so that they can be recycled. After all, these devices contain many recyclable components and precious metals. At the moment, I believe only a small number of responsible private enterprises are initiating this effort and it’s really not enough.

Many people also worry that donating their unwanted devices to private entities can somehow expose their private data like photos, videos, credit card and bank account nos. to unauthorized persons if they are not properly erased or destroyed. I believe only a government led initiative with proper assurances and guarantees can let people recycle their unwanted devices with peace of mind.


A.S.S. Contributor

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