Dear Editors,

I want to share a bad experience i had at cookhouse by koufu at white sands. I went there with my friend to have our late lunch. While i ordered my meal i was asked by my friend to have his fried rice ordered at the chicken rice stall.

I saw 3 employee of the stall talking and joking around, i said excuse me all of them ignored me maybe i was too soft, i said it again and yet they were noted to be laughing so i said helloX3 and was rudely attended to by Mr Jason Moh and another lady.

Both of them then started to say “hello is for singtel.” I informed them that i did call them but they have ignored me and that was rude. Mr Moh then pointed his index finger at my face and told me that he has attended to me and that it was no big deal.

The other lady seeing how upset i was apologised quickly. When my friend came and sat down. We noted Mr Moh still pointing at my direction and had even took pictures of me on his phone.

When confronted by my friend. He informed that he could be taking pictures of other people and pointing at someone else. The store chef also informed to my friend that one person apologise is good enough already. Why do i need everyone’s apology.

I am very upset about this and get hold of cookhouse number to get a feedback, but i can’t seem to find the customer hotline number and also that this was a sunday.

Thank you.

Liyana Omar
A.S.S Contributor

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