A landlady complained on Facebook after she discovered the house that she rented out was being illegal subletted to PRC immigrants. She alleged that this was done by a "Customs Officer" but did not furnish any evidence to this allegation. From pictures provided by the poster, the rooms were in a messy and dirty state. 

"Without my knowledge, Baldum XXX, being a Customs Officer have rented out my apartment to illegal Chinese immigrants. The damage they have caused to my house has been beyond repair. Being a custom officer he has allowed my unit to be subletted without any approval. His name is Baldum XXX s/o XXX Singh.

He has pocketed a sum of $27,000 SGD and has earned a good amount monthly from the subletting of my flat to these illegal China workers. Since when does a custom officer indulges in such activities? If you're really desperate for cash, don't ruin someone's house, ask and you shall receive.

Refrain from using this PropNex Agent named Vijayan in future as well because he is in cahoots with Baldum XXX for the subletting of units."

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