Dear all, please beware and DO NOT employ this maid if you happen to see her bio data or intend to employ her. This maid is from Indonesia Brebes. I have reported her case to MOM and MOM has put her under referral status should anyone intends to hire her but it is not compulsory for the potential employer to contact me. Hence, if anyone in the process of hiring her, please do contact me about her story.

Name: Nunung Andriowati
Nationality: Indonesian
Ref No: O05997380
Experience: Ex-Singapore , Ex-Hong Kong

The above maid came to work for me in End Oct 2015. I have deported her back to Indonesia on 13 March 2017. I found out she is having an affair with my husband. They have committed adultery and she has breached her employment contract with her conduct and breaking up my marriage and family.

She also taught my boy to bluff me by telling him not to tell mummy that daddy came home early in the afternoon when my boy saw his dad at home when he came back from school. She told my boy cannot tell mummy because mummy will be angry with him and scold him if he tells. She is very clever and good in acting, she even said to me in her msg previously “I never scared of anyone here”.

She has applied to come back to Singapore to work again because I saw her bio data last week in Netmaid’s website under Assured Employment Services. She has fabricated her bio data by giving false information about her 2nd employment which I am the employer. This showed her dishonesty and dubious character. Her motive to come back to Singapore is very clear. She can continue her affair here and hurt more people.

I have written to the maid agency and told about this maid, they have removed her bio data in their website but I am sure they will show her bio data direct to potential employers instead of online. She can also apply through other agencies. Please take note NOT to hire her if you are going to employ any maid. I do not want more families destroyed by such FDW which is the black sheep of the herd.

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