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I’m a part time grab driver and I have been driving for about 6 months now. I am writing in to express my unhappiness in regards to being a grab driver. I drove for uber for a period of time too but have stopped after awhile due to some reasons which I will come to later. Before I start, I want to highlight that I have been writing in to grab and feedbacking to them via their hotline but so far nothing has been done.

I’ll list the problems in point form so that it’s easier to read. Too many for me to write. To grab.

1. Everyone, be it driver or passenger will agree with this. Your hotline takes 200 years to be answered. I don’t know what is happening at your call centre. Previously when uber doesn’t have any hotline locally, I wrote a feedback to them and they replied to me within 15 mins. (not auto reply) Yes, 15 fking mins. Emails to you are not replied even after 15 years.

2. Grab driver app is unstable Af. All drivers will agree with this. It hangs like nobody business. There is too many glitch and bug. Sometimes unable to accept calls. App hangs and require a reset for it to work again. I personally feel that it is unacceptable for a multi million listed company to provide such instability. Uber has a really much more well polished app than you.

3. Lousy grabshare matches. From Clarke quay, one to punggol and the other sembawang. Wow I’m speechless. Anyway grabshare fare is like shit. Among drivers we call it grabshit.

4. Grabfamily. Firstly, not all passengers are educated by this service type. That’s not the point. Your app says grabfamily is service for passengers with child between 4-7 years old and a child seat will be provided. Then child below 4 no need book grabfamily? Children of 4-7 is already big Af. How to use child seat?

5. Too many passengers book grabfamily telling me it’s for 4-7 passengers. Please educate your customers.

6. Justgrab. Justgrab passengers request to use nets for payment because they think they are booking taxis. Please la.

7. Sending wrong messages to drivers. Don’t be a joke please.

8. Driver incentives are much better for new drivers and existing drivers’ incentives are drastically cut down gradually.

9. Don’t bother with your free drinks thingy for drivers. Nobody gives Af.

These are just some problems about grab that I have encountered in the last few months which I feel it’s ridiculous to come from a company of such size. But still, the frequency of the calls from grab is much higher as compared to other car sharing platforms. It is only due to the intensive marketing and promotions that grab is investing in. That is why I’m driving for grab.

Unpleasant comments on your Facebook page is deleted and pm’s are not replied too. Your turnover rate in the company is incredibly high. Not many employees stay in the company more than 6 months. It’s about time u wake up to improve and stop acting like there is no problem with your services. You should have seen this coming.

Grab driver

A.S.S. Contributor

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