I would like to find out if anyone can advise me. Here is the full story. Apr-14, I went to Bishan Food Junction for dinner and was surprise to find out that my food junction card was not working. So the counter asks me to approach their office to check my food junction card.

I was told by the office staff that my food junction card had expired. I just need to top-up and then I can continue to use my card. Then he also added that the existing value of the card will be forfeit (balance of $61.16). I knew he was just a normal staffing and he wouldn’t able to do much. So I ask for their HQ office email and try to email them (no reply). I also try calling 4-5 times. But no one picks up the call every time.

So disappointed FJ. Have a strong cheated feeling. I mean who would expect a food junction card to forfeit the balance upon expiry. It should be like cashcard or kopitam card, where you can get full refund and buy a new card or simply top-up with a small admin fee and continue to use. Never expected this.
So I would like to warn those who are holding the card to be careful and make sure you use up the value before card expired.

Now I’m appealing to anyone has have the same issue as me before, did you managed to get the balance expiry value refunded? If so, then no need for me to make a trip down to their office then.

Thank you.

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