On 28/93/2017 this PREMIUM grab driver Koh Hong Yee Darence accepted my ride and made me waited for about 40 minutes and he did not appear. There was a $15 promotion in March so of course take lah. I stated in the remarks that I was carrying a small dog and even called to ask if he is okay with it. He said he was okay with picking us up and will reach in about 5 minutes time (the gps showed that he was indeed within a 5-minute drive distance) so I went downstairs with my dog to wait.

I waited for 14 minutes before the gps showed that he finally stopped his car at my destination instead of my location, so I called him to let him know that that is my destination and not my location. He did not pick up my call but called back almost immediately with his own mobile number. He argued that on his phone, my location and destination shown is the opposite of what is on my phone so I told him I can show him my booking details when he is here, he said okay and will be turning over to pick me.

At this point of time he ended the trip and accepted the $15 promo code that grab would be paying him for. I waited for another 13 minutes as I was afraid that he might not be able to locate me. I could not see where he was as the trip has already ended and I trusted him that he will be coming. Please note that my destination and location only needs less than 5 minutes to reach (if one is driving). I called him again but he refused to answer my call.

So I kept trying and in the end I waited for almost 45 minutes for this irresponsible man who never intended to turn up but did not even inform me.
Car plate no.: SLJ4495J (Premium Car)
Mobile no.: 85978XXX

By the way, it is not his first time accepting a booking and ending the trip without even picking up the passenger! Grab told me they will take action and get back to me but they have yet to do so and everytime I call they just play “taichi”.

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